Welcome to the City of Thomasville Building Permits.

The City of Thomasville now absorbs customer convenience charges for ALL online payments. Customers will not be charged a convenience fee for ANY online transactions.

This service enables citizens and contractors to complete the most common steps in the building permit process online, including scheduling inspections and viewing inspections results.

If a contractor has already started the application for a permit and you are the subcontractor, you will need to contact the Inspections Department at (336) 475-4249 and give the permit technician your scope of work. YOU CANNOT GO ONLINE AND REQUEST YOUR PERMIT. They will enter this information into the application and then you will be able to go online to pay for your permit, schedule your inspections and get your inspection results.

When requesting the inspection or viewing your results you will need to enter the permit number and then you will need to enter the PIN number in order to proceed online with your request.